Katrina Felice

moving around looking around
in london spain and malta
thinking designer devising
with the intention of becoming __________

Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru - Sgint Director: Arwel Gruffydd - Designer: Cai Dyfan - Lighting Designer: Elanor Higgins

Artist Sebastian Errazuriz Unveils Giant Cash-Filled Golden Calf Piñata at 2014 NYCxDesign Festival


The current members of the group avoid the words theater, actor, acting;
rather they regard their work as an awareness of a person’s existence.

The members of DEREVO believe that man holds his head down.
They also believe in the importance of :
the crawling of an infant;
the beginning of a movement;
the beginning of a sound;
the equilibrium of a sleepwalker.

They realize
that man lives in a permanent state of war with the world which gave birth to him and that he’s
losing this war every moment;
that man lives a short and brutal life;
that there are people who have found peace and who lead beautiful and eternal lives, but their
voices are quiet.

"We are not confident of anything but something makes us live our lives together.
We believe
that ancient books and friendship with animals are important;
that the horizon is always at your feet, and the sky begins right from the ground.”


"Abstracting my personal memories and experiences is a process that I always apply in my work. I try to make my work as open as possible by doing this; I abstract the narrative until only the mood is left. Mood is a medium that everybody can relate to and, more importantly, everyone has their own relationship to the mood. The artist stops being important."

 Guido van der Werve, Interview with Xander Karskens

Andreas Slominski

lots of milk left in my cereal bowl but no one to lap it up