Katrina Felice

moving around looking around
in london spain and malta
thinking designer devising
with the intention of becoming __________

Trisha Brown 
Witches frolic in ballet shoes.  Playing with ideas.
“Macbeth”, Opera by Verdi.
Pink Blender 2002, vinyl, thread, metal and wiring 14 x 7 x 10 in., collection of Vicki and Kent Logan, Vail, Colorado

I need this watch this watch is meant for me, made for me.

Willy Kriegel, Piece of Forest, 1930s. Germany. Via Schmidt, Dresden
Siri the smartass.

Thread Lines on view at the Drawing Center through December 14, 2014. 

your presence removes mine

where did he go? where did you go? do you know i wonder about you?  do you know i would like to know you? 

wet aired party nights

less connected

lucky lucky lucky

Thinking back on my past jobs I’ve been pretty crazy luck to work with some fascinating designers.  Playful, curious, serious, clever and most of all lovely people. 

Fiammetta Horvat

Victoria Behr

Magda Willi

Summer memories